Every couple wants their wedding reception to be both fun and memorable. The reception is a party after all, and with all the fun from dancing and the open bar, your guest might be craving a late-night snack to keep the energy level up. A trend that is on the rise for wedding receptions is to have snacks provided for the guests during the last hour of the wedding. Enter the Late-Night Station. Equally popular is a station with treats for the way home: The Good-Night Station. Many of these station work either during the last hour of your reception or available for your guests on their way out. The Late-Night Station works well with couples who extend their wedding reception by an hour or two. The cake has been served and guests are enjoying some extra time on the dance floor. You can either go sweet or savory with your Late-Night Station. If you are craving something savory, imagine servers walking around with French fry cones and sliders to satisfy your longing. If you have a sweet tooth, donuts are the biggest trend right now. You can have a milk shake station with donuts on display. But why stop there? Consider adding a Donut Wall! Having the donuts hanging on a wall not only adds a new twist to the donut station, but can also make the whole experience more fun and memorable. Another station that is a big hit is a Popcorn Bar. Serve up the snack of all snacks with seasoned salt and flavored toppings. A rising trend with the Popcorn Bar is to give out monogrammed boxes or bags to your guests. Other stations to consider are a French Fry Bar, Hot Pretzels or the ever popular Popcorn Bar. These station work as either a Late-Night Station or a Good-Night Station.